Top 5 Camping State Parks in Montana

Montana is a natural paradise surrounded with mountains and lakes. It is one of the top five states in the US for camping activities. State parks in Montana are recommended for fun overnight stays and camping activities under the open Montana skies. Camping in Montana state parks is am amazing way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Take a look at top five state parks in Montana.


The 61th Annual Al Bedoo Shrine Circus- Billings MT

The 61st Annual Al Bedoo Shrine Circus is March 26 – March 30th 2014, and features 11 performances over five days.

The Al Bedoo Shrine Circus provides a quality, fun-filled, family experience that brings a smile to children of all ages.


Two rings and fantastic acts from all over the world, it is an event that you just can’t miss.

Grab a bag of peanuts and some cotton candy and join the fun at the Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium in Billings for the 61st annual Shrine Circus.

The Annual Al Bedoo Shrine Circus is the largest fund-raising event sponsored by the Billings Al Bedoo Shriners.

Elephants, tigers, clowns, acrobats, bears, poodles, and aerialists are packed into two hours of excitement and fun and, thanks to generous donations from the community, it’s affordable for the whole family.

Cherish and enjoy this fun filled moments while we take care of your accommodation. Call us @(406) 245-6345 for reservation or book online.


Top 5 Trends in Hotel Technology

Nowadays, technology has overruled almost all form of business. With the new technologies developing and changing each day, all the hotel owners should be updated with the new ones. While, it can be an intimidating task for hotel owners and operators, it is very beneficial. Here are the top five key hospitality technology trends that can help hoteliers all over the globe.


5 Best Restaurants in Billings, Montana

Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana filled with diverse attractions, cuisines, arts, culture, and adventures. This place offers a plethora of outdoor activities as well as fine dining services perfect for the families. Below is the list of five best restaurants in Billings, MT.

Walkers American Grill and Tapas Bar

This restaurant is a very trendy spot which offers a small but varied menu. With the “modern-western” décor, the atmosphere of this place is simply amazing. While you are here, don’t miss out on meatloaf and the port belly lettuce cups. The wine list of this restaurant is impressive too.