Top 5 Hikes in Yellowstone National Park

World’s first National Park, Yellowstone National Park is one of the major destinations in Montana. With thousands of miles of hiking trails, visiting Yellowstone National Park can be an overwhelming adventure. From day hikes to backcountry explorations, you will have plenty of options at Yellowstone.

Have a look at the list of five unique hikes in Yellowstone where you should definitely make a stop.


Uncle Tom’s Trail

uncle tom trailUncle Tom’s Trail is one of the best trails to get some up-close-and-personal views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. With 328 stairs, the current stairs present a challenge on the way down to the lower falls which are covered with mist and rainbows sometimes. However, the original stairway built in the late 1800’s had enormous 528 steps and was not recommended for visitors with heart and lung problems. While walking through the trails, you can use the handrails and rest on the benches.


The Grand Prismatic

grand-prismatic-poolLocated in the southwestern region of the park, The Grand Prismatic is one of the best thermal features which is worth visiting. You can see plenty of thermophiles-microorganisms in different kinds of colors like orange, yellow, green, and blue. To get a stunning view of the Grand Prismatic, park at the Fairy Falls trailhead and walk about a half mile. One more important thing, go on a hiking on a warm day, when the geyser is not hidden by its own steam.



The Boiling River

boling water,MtBoiling water runs from thermal features into the Gardner River in north-west of Yellowstone. It is a one mile from the parking lot to this soak site where people use rocks for creating pools along the boundary of the river and relax out of the current. If you venture away from the bank, use extreme caution as the Gardner River can be very deep. If you are into the wildlife, keep your eyes open when soaking.




Norris Geyser Basin

Norris geyserYellowstone’s oldest thermal area, Norris Geyser Basin shows evidence of 115,000 years old thermal features. You will also find the world’s tallest active geyser Steamboat Geyser which shoots water 10-40 feet in the air frequently. This geyser basin is made up of three areas: The Porcelain Basin, Back Basin, and One Hundred Springs Plain.




The Thorofare

the thorofareLooking for a big adventure in Yellowstone? Thorofare is the one for you! The Thorofare trail spans 68.5 miles one-way in the south east of the Yellowstone Park. If you are bringing your car, leave it at either end of the trail and it is best that you plan at least seven days to hike from one end to the other. However, if you don’t like to hike the whole trail for seven days, consider an out-and-back on the Thorofare trail.


Whether you want to see waterfalls, thermal features, or mountains, Yellowstone has something for everyone.

If you wish to visit Yellowstone, take the time to plan carefully to explore Yellowstone to the fullest.


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