5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Families in Montana

Montana is known around the world for its beautiful nature. Due to ample natural areas in Montana, visitors flock in to explore this natural state. Montana is also home to world’s first national park i.e. Yellowstone National Park.

From camping to hiking, horse-back riding to whitewater rafting, Montana provides unlimited opportunities for these activities. Because of these activities, Montana is an ideal spot for kids to develop a passion for the outdoors.

Here is a list of outdoor activities in Montana which is suitable for the whole family.



Montana offers everything from cross country tracks to challenging downhill tracks. Depending upon your choice, you can plan a day trip or half-day trips for bike trails. These trails can help you create your own cycling adventure and are suitable for almost all levels of bikers. As there are different types of routes graded by difficulty and length, you can choose which is suitable for the whole family.



Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon rides is one of great outdoor adventure which can be enjoyed by the whole family. The hot air balloon ride mostly lasts for few hours allowing you to float on the same air currents as birds and provides a rare experience. It guarantees incredible alpine views, so make sure to take a family hot air balloon ride when you are in Montana.

Horse-back riding

Horses and ranches are Montana’s trademark. Without them, Montana wouldn’t be the same. Horse-back riding is one of the popular activities in Montana. It is the best way to explore Montana’s mountains, meadow, lakes, foothills and cowboy way of life. Another fun activity for the whole family is horse drawn wagon rides which will allow you to closely observe the wildlife.


Montana fly fishing is known all over the world. From Yellowstone to Glacier National Park, Montana offers the best fly fishing experience. If you are into true silver trout wilderness, Montana is the place for you as no other place can offer the fishing experience like Montana. But remember, whenever you go fishing in Montana, you must remember fishing regulations and have an updated guide book.

White water sports

With many pristine lakes and rivers, Montana is an ideal spot for white water adventure in summers. White water sports are thrilling activities for the whole family. Among the different white water activities, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking are some popular white water sports. If you are first time rafter, or have small children, Yellowstone River is suitable for you. Glacier National Park is another option for the white water sports enthusiasts.

Montana has unlimited opportunities for the great outdoors. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Montana, make sure to try each of these fun outdoor activities.

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