Moss Mansion: Spooky Delight for Halloween

Moss Mansion is a historic 1903 red sandstone structure located in Billings, Montana. The famous American architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh designed the historical Moss Mansion which captures the early life of the Preston Boyd Moss family.

The 45 feet tall mansion has been featured in many Hollywood movies and TV series making it a popular site in the world. Moreover, the mansion has also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Guided tours are available at the museum. Visitors can see the original furnishings including draperies, fixtures, Persian carpets and artifacts during the tour.

Another interesting thing about Moss Mansion: It is rumored to be haunted, so Halloween fans can visit the haunted house and enjoy the spooky adventure. Interestingly, the Moss Mansion has become part of the neighborhood celebration in every Halloween.

This year the sandstone structure transforms into ‘The Bender Inn’, which was an inn run by serial killing family in the late 1800s. The live actors will portray a family of these serial killers. The guests will be guided among the darkened rooms of the mansion while hearing the scary stories of the Bender Family.

Twilight tours, Haunted House maze on the Moss Lawn, and Halloween Night for a Midnight Madness Tour are featured in this year’s Halloween. The tickets costs are $13, $7 and $25 respectively for these tours. Remember, these tours are not recommended for faint hearted individuals.

Moss Mansion will be opened for special midnight tours starting this year. So, if you are in Billings and love to be part of Halloween activity, visit Moss Mansion by donning scariest Halloween costumes and join the Halloween treat.


Happy Halloween everyone!


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