Top 5 Trends in Hotel Technology

Nowadays, technology has overruled almost all form of business. With the new technologies developing and changing each day, all the hotel owners should be updated with the new ones. While, it can be an intimidating task for hotel owners and operators, it is very beneficial. Here are the top five key hospitality technology trends that can help hoteliers all over the globe.


Device and entertainment

Most of the hotel guests travel with many personal entertainment devices. So, hotel owners should provide adequate, easy-to-reach plugs, and bandwidth capabilities in all the guestrooms to ensure guests can use it comfortably.


Latest perks

Many people do not carry books while traveling. The new perks such as devices preloaded with books and magazines make it easier for them to enjoy during their stays. Moreover, guests can also request personalized uploads. It also comes handy in situations when guests forgot to bring their tablets.


Service automation

Some guests prefer to communicate with hotel staff through technology rather than a traditional front desk or picking up the phone. Hence, check-in options for guests like i-Pad check-in and remote check-in should be implemented for your guests’ convenience.


Digital signage replacing traditional printed signs

This trend is increasing rapidly in hotels. Basically, there is a huge video wall behind the hotel’s front desk which allows guests or anyone in the lobby to send messages about the hotel or other topics. Moreover, the hotel’s food and beverage outlets can also be promoted in special events.


The role of social media

Most hotel companies employs social media for marketing, communications, and guest-service tool. Investing some time in social networking sites helps to ensure to be in touch with guest reviews, comments, and making it part of business.

All hoteliers should ensure to follow these hotel trends to increase their luxury offerings through technology to please their guests.


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