Amenities to look for in an extended stay motel


extended stay in Billings

Extended stay motels satisfy the needs of temporary housing. Generally, these are better options for business travelers. Extended stay motels are also known as budget motels because they offer all facilities at reasonable prices. Several motels and motels offer special concession for extended stay. Extended stay is an advanced feature that is generally not available at standard motels. It is a type of accommodation that offers home-like facilities.

Extended stay motels can be a fantastic solution for anyone who needs comfortable and affordable accommodation for long periods of time, from 4 weeks to 4 months. Apartments can get very expensive, and renting your own apartment usually requires a minimum of a 6 month stay. Extended stay motels are basically fully furnished apartments that cater specifically to people who have accommodation needs spanning for a long time. It’s very popular for business travelers who are too busy to go through the hassles of renting an ordinary apartment.

Necessary amenities for an extended stay motel

Extended stay motel rooms have more living space, and include many amenities that are necessary for staying there, for a long term. While extended stay motel offers affordability and comfort, there are a number of amenities that you really need to look for


If you are usually away on business throughout the day, and basically just need to sleep in your motel room, then you will need a motel that has the provision of regularly taking care of the daily cleaning and housekeeping. Many long stay motels offer daily cleaners, provide basic food items like tea and coffee, as well as fresh towels. The services of motel ensure that your extended stay is a pleasant one and you have the opportunity to pamper yourself, without having to do any household work at all. A good servicing motel will ensure that your long extended trip becomes a successful one.

 Laundry services

One of the great conveniences in a motel is the fact that you have all the services at your doorstep. Laundry is most certainly a necessary pain that most business travelers find bothering. If you are in a long stay for business purpose, then you need to check on laundry facilities. It is not practical to buy new clothes because of bad laundry service. Most motels have their own laundries, with a washer and dryer, while others may also feature communal facilities, helping to reduce the cost without compromising the quality of service.

Entertainment facilities

This is where motels can get very stale and sterile. An extended stay in a motel can get very claustrophobic if there are limited opportunities for entertainment. Most corporate motels offer entertainment options like TV sets with cable connection and even PlayStation. Some even have home gyms, swimming pools, game zones, spas and a variety of other entertainment options that can help you kick back and relax after a long day. Coming home to a motel full of strangers can be challenging for a business traveler, especially the ones who are shy, and the need for personal entrainment is important for them.

Private Balconies

Depending on the location, a balcony can make all the difference. The availability of balconies can make your motel feel a lot like a personal apartment, and if you are a business traveler who is used to a big home with a nice garden, then the least you can get is a balcony. To be able to stroll outside, or kick back, at the end of the day and enjoy some splendid views is an important part of having a home away from home.

Pet friendly motels

For those of us who cannot afford to stay away from our lovely animals, traveling can be torturing. The best solution is to get a pet friendly motel with rooms equipped to accommodate your pets. A motel that allows pet friendly room services for extended stay can be an effective solution for any traveler.

The other necessary amenities that you could look for may include good Wi-Fi connection, free parking, free local calls, a homely environment and good staffing. The purpose of an extended stay motel is to provide you with a comfortable and convenient place to reside, when staying in a foreign city for a long period of time. It makes long-term motel living affordable, and you feel better.

The amenities available at the extended stay motel helps to enhance and overcome the difficulty of travel living. Extended stay business trips most often are a compulsion rather than a choice. The above amenities only merely help to overcome the stress during travel, and in most cases, may not prove to supplement the comforts of a home.

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