Sailing trip to Lake Elmo State Park


Sailing takes away stress. It is a recreational activity where one can take pleasure from a sailboat. Before you try this, you need to make sure that you know how to navigate a sailboat, to ensure that you will not be harmed, and in order to achieve a safe trip. One of Montana’s mostly visited recreational parks for sailing and all the other recreational activities is Lake Elmo State Park.

In Montana, you can find a lot of great places for sailing, out of which many sailing spots are located in Billings, Montana. Lakes and reservoirs are available for those who wish to go on sailing over the weekend, or even during the weekdays. If you have selected a specific location, you must check the laws or rules, with regards to the sailing activities.

Lake Elmo State Park, Billings Montana

One of Montana’s mostly visited recreational parks for sailing and all the other recreational activities is Lake Elmo State Park. The Lake Elmo State Park is a 64-acre reservoir inside the city limits of Billings. It is a great place to swim, boat, sailboard, fish, picnic, bird watch or stroll on the 1.4 mile hiking/nature trail.

There are lots of areas for camping, since it is 123 acres in size. The park offers toilet rooms, shower and change rooms, drinking water, picnic tables and trash cans to make the park look clean and neat at all times. There is also a hiking trail where one can walk.

Address: Billings, MT 59105, United States

Phone: (406) 254-1310

SEASON: All around the Year

HOURS: 5:00am – 10:00pm

Management: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

When it comes to sailing, there are water crafts for you to use, while you are in the area. When sailing, authorities in Lake Elmo State Park are very strict. Individuals are required to wear their life vests while they’re on board. Any form of alcoholic beverages must not be carried on board. Sailboards must also be properly taken care of.

Apart from sailing, Lake Elmo State Park is popular for its Beach, Bird Watching, Boating, Canoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Lake Fishing, Natural Views, Outdoor Activity, Picnicking, Swimming, Wildlife Viewing and Wind Surfing

If you want to visit this place, make sure that you have prepared the necessary things you need, such as food, gears and a self defense tool, like the cheetah stun gun, as it works perfectly well during times of trouble. And since it is a park offering different kinds of recreational activities, you can bring other sporting gears, if you want to try other recreational activities. You will definitely enjoy your stay here at Lake Elmo State Park.

Many things could happen when you’re at your sailing trip. You might encounter difficulties such as failure to comprehend what the compass says, low speed wind or perhaps no wind at all. There is always a probability that such problems might occur, so you should always be prepared. You must check everything, like the condition of your boat and the weather, before sailing. It pays off when you make sure that everything is in good condition. Also, it will benefit you if you carry a stun baton, as it will serve as your mighty protector no matter where you will go.

It is really very challenging especially when you sail on your own. No one will be around you to assist you with the sails, or to simply talk to you. Though, the good thing about sailing is that you are able to come in close contact with nature, and just be amazed with the beauty of water.

It is also a safe bet to include following:

  • Battery-powered radio and flashlight for emergencies. You don’t want to be stranded at the lake without communication or light. Make sure that you are protected against anything that could happen.
  • Medicines, sun block, and other essentials. Sailing can lead to sickness in some cases, so it is in the best interest to keep a few medicines at all times. Also remember to include sunscreen when you’re on the water, because of the greater exposure and the reflection from the water.
  • Water for drinking. You should always keep some form of water on board, for drinking or general use in the event of an emergency.
  • Change of clothes. Anything can happen when you’re sailing, and if you want to be prepared, it’s important to have an extra set of clothes. It will come in handy, if you land up getting wet.
  • Life Jackets. It goes without saying that your safety, while you’re out on the water, is paramount. You should be willing to invest in life jackets, as well.
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