Top 7 things to do with families in Montana


Montana is one of the biggest states in America and everything you get here is big including the big mountains, big lakes, big sky and altogether a big fun for your family. If you are visiting Montana this time of the year then you will get to do a lot of outdoor activities that will make your family vacation a memorable one.

From great Prairies of the east to the steep Rocky Mountains of the west; there are lots of adventurous places to visit here in Montana. Relax Montana style in destinations with luxurious accommodation here and get set to have lots of Montanan fun with some amazing places to go.

Here is our list of Top 7 Family Friendly activities in Montana.

Vast Prairie


The vast expense of Prairie in Eastern Montana has a lot of family attractions. Medicine Rocks State Park has great family adventures and the visitors here can enjoy the photography, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, picnicking and camping around these parks. Weathering has caused the soft sandstones rock formations to have a cheese like look and this gives a very unique look to it. Family can enjoy their time here witnessing thousands of inscriptions on the sandstone pillars, dating back centuries ago. Spend your time here with families and maybe even do some tenting and more.

You may also get some insights about the various dinosaurs including the Duck Billed Hadrosaur, one of the five known complete skeletons found in the US is in Carter County Museum. This museum is a little known museum that is one in the chain of museums on the Montana Dinosaur Trail, and provides various insights.


Big Gateway to Yellowstone


Yellowstone might be a small town but that does not mean that it does not provide enough adventures for families. Surrounded by mountains and Yellowstone National Park, there is so much to do for kids and as well for adults.

The western entrance to Yellowstone National Park is located in this town. The most predictable geyser in the world, Old Faithful, can be reached using this entrance. You can hike there with your family and it is also famous for cross country ski. Fishing, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, water rafting and many other adventure awaits you and your family here.

The Beartooth Highway is 68 miles of exquisite beauty as well. With a lot of nature and wildlife, this place is a heaven for your family.

Find details and maps of Beartooth Highway here.


Various places for your kids


In summer, kids can ride the three towering water slides at Splash Montana, when it gets covered with ice, you can take your swim gear and get indoors to Currents Aquatic Center. Kids can have fun in Dragon Hollow Playground, where they can climb up inside a huge wooden dragon and slide down its tongue. They may enjoy the ride of A Carousel for Missoula too.

If your children are aged between 0-9 then they may have fun visiting the Children’s Museum with various interactive programs like “Go Fish”. The beautiful Bitteroot Valley is known for its trails and Elk Country Visitor Center is famous for its wildlife.

You can get a lot out of your kids around here and let them enjoy the various natural and indoor adventures in this part of the area.


The Big Mountains


The Rocky Mountains of the western Montana is a playground for you and your kids both in summer and winter. During winter, it has various activities lined up for your family, like skiing, snowboarding, cross- country skiing, snow cat tours and many more.

While in summer, you can enjoy the biggest zip line tour in Montana hosted by Whitefish Mountain Resort. The 5 Zip Tour is good for kids and adults. Other amazing summer activities are Walk-in-the-Tree-Tops tours, alpine slides, gondola rides and mountain biking.

For more info on things you can do, visit here 


Learn the history of this place


In 1804, Lewis and Clark set out to find Pacific Ocean and ended up finding information about the beautiful northwest portion of the US. Along the way they faced various adventures and problems, including, getting to the 5 waterfalls on the Missouri River where the town of Great Falls currently lies.  Here, now we have Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center. The center is located on a bluff, overlooking the river and next to the River’s Edge Trail. Kids can complete their Jr. Ranger badge at this place, and many other Lewis and Clark visitor centers.

The capital city Helena has various adventure, and knowledge gaining opportunities for you. Kids and parents will learn a lot of interesting stories about the history, and landmarks like the Capitol building, Last Chance Gulch, St. Helena Cathedral and more.

Make history come alive for your kids in Montana with these various activities.


The Biggest Lake


Flathead Lake in northern Montana is said to be the biggest lake west of the Mississippi river. This lake originates from the glacier that runs off from Glacier National Park, and is filled with crystal clear water with up to the bottom view.

Here you may go on a motorboat ride, or you may just relax by fishing with your kids. The lake is also good for water skiing, wake boarding and stand up paddle boarding. You can rent some water sport equipment available there and go for a cruise with your family.

Enjoy a picnic on the shore at Wayfarers State Park, and jump from the small cliff to swim. Be sure to stop for some delicious fresh cherries that grow around the lake.

Pick fresh cherries from late July to early August at one of the many U-Pick farms in the Flathead Lake Valley.


Big Mountains, waterfalls and grandeur


Glacier National Park has some big monuments that stand tall and provide a great adventure for families visiting Montana. With 6 mountains that are above 10,000 feet, 37 glaciers and over 700 lakes; the beauty that you can observe here is just breath taking.

Most exciting thing can be driving through Going-to-the-Sun Road that trails up to the edge of the mountains and crosses through several waterfalls. From this road you can see over the valley and to the top of mountains that cradle glaciers and snow packs.

Some hikes that are perfect for kids are here in the visitor center known as Logan Pass. Down the valley of Lake McDonald lays a quiet nature trail for young kids through a grove of old-growth cedars that have massive trunks. Kids will love becoming Jr. Rangers by solving mazes and puzzles that will teach them about the wildlife, glaciers and habitats of this park as they participate in Ranger led activities.

Glacier National Park is open year round, as it is filled with various activities for you and your kids.

Take your kids to these amazingly astonishing places from where they can gain a lot, and enjoy your family vacation around the area of Montana doing one of the various things mentioned above. For safe, reliable and luxurious lodging and accommodation around the area of Billings, Montana; Western Inn Motel is your favorite place.



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